Extremely cool gift ideas for a teenage boy (or girl;)

Finding gifts for teenage boys can be the hardest task on the planet. Even harder if you don’t have teenagers yourself. Here’s a list of things that Iv gifted before:

  • A decent pair of headphones to listen to music. Wireless headphones that can connect to audio devices via blue tooth are even better. The smaller buds that sit inside your ears are good to use when you’re on the go but Iv got it from a reliable source (my teenage son) that the larger head phones that fit over your whole ear are better when you’re hanging around home because they don’t continually fall out and they block out the noise of other siblings. The ear bud type are still a good choice though. We seem to go through a lot of these.
  •  Computer headphones. These have a mouthpiece to talk to other online gamers on the computer and xbox etc.
  • Movie tickets
  •  Sunglasses
  • Docking station with speakers. The clock and alarm functions are not necessary anymore, since most devices have this function anyway.
  • Gift certificate – for laser tag, ten pin bowling, putt putt golf, go-carts, paint ball, tree top adventure, massage, quad bike riding, harbour bridge climb. Most kids will find a friend, dad or uncle to take with them. Better yet, be that uncle.
  • A CD. Most cars still have CD players and the kid can convert it to whatever format they need on the computer to get it onto their smartphone or music device. An iTunes voucher is good if they have an apple device.
  • Wallet
  •  Skateboard, scooter or ripstick- Razor has a lot on offer that the kids love. Get a skateboard ramp to go with the skateboard.
  • Pool toy- water blasters or water guns etc
  • Remote control car (according to my husband and teenage son you are never too old)
  •  Wrist watch- a fun colourful one
  • Football jersey or other sports memorabilia
  • Game or wireless controllers for gaming console- anything ‘wireless’ seems to make it ‘cool’ all of a sudden. Plus controllers are constantly breaking. If your kid spends a lot of time online gaming, ask the guy at the game store about a voucher for online gaming. The one and only site that I know of that you can purchase vouchers for to spend on their site to buy games and computer software is Steam.
  • Cologne or body spray– you’ll be doing everyone a favour!
  •  Binoculars
  • Sushi kit
  • Fishing rod, fishing box or gear
  • Football, basketball, tennis racket, table tennis– anything that will get them off the gadgets.
  • Gym weights– trust me, they get to a certain age and they start caring about their appearance eventually.
  • Camera or go-pro. With the right accessories, a go pro can be taken into water or attached to your body for action video recording. There are some cheaper alternatives out there.
  • Necklace– a silver pendant on a black rubber necklace. Or a leather plaited bracelet.
  •  A cap/hat– not the type of hat with a brim that goes all the way around (unless you’ve seen this kid wear one before).
  •  Camping gear– a tent, sleeping bag, pocket knife, camping chair
  •  An e-reader… or a book.
  •  Smartphone accessories– Iv already mentioned that we go through earphones a lot (seriously they must eat those things) but a charging cable and a new case are also a good idea since they are repeatedly used and need replacing regularly.
  • Card game or board game for adults.
  • Magazine subscription- health, fishing, cars?
  • Bicycle accessories– speedometer, water bottle, lights etc.
  • A fitbit
  • Sodastream, popcorn maker or some other device that makes their favourite food. They’re gonna need things to move out with eventually right? Right?
  • Gym bag with towel, drink bottle etc. Apparently the gym is the place to be at the moment.
  • Concert or event ticket- Monster trucks, music, car race, theatre, gaming convention.
  • Bigger ticket items?-  Mobile phone, tablet computer, laptop, bicycle, surfboard
  • A framed picture of their mum….. ha ha haaaaa!!
 You’ll find some other interesting ideas on Everydaysavvy and hubpages.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...... :)

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