Buy less / eat less / waste less / stress less

All day every day we are encouraged to consume.

Why buy one for $10 when you can get 3 for $20?… Upsize for an extra 50 cents… You’re not the same without a snickers…. buy one and you’ll get one for free…. get a free mobile phone with this phone line..

We are encouraged to be gluttons of food and stuff, and gluttons of punishment apparently since eating more and owning more means having to work more and exercise more.

Then we spend more money on financial mentors, gym memberships, and storage sheds to store our stuff.

Working more to pay for these things means that we have less time for exercise so our waist lines get bigger and bigger.

Overweight then leads to medical complaints like diabetes and sometimes medication so we buy some scales to monitor our weight and vitamins and meal replacement shakes to combat our bad food choices.

Overwork leads to physical and emotional stress and sometimes the need for medication, physiotherapy and mental health treatment.

And we continue to consume and spend more money to fix our bad choices.

I don’t want to be that sort of person. I don’t want to be a glutton. I want to be healthy both physically and emotionally and this is a lifestyle choice that I want to pass onto my children.

And yes this is a choice. This is what I have chosen and I encourage you to join me:

STOP CONSUMING! Take a look at the things that you already have in your life and work with that. Be happy with what you have. Think about what you have achieved and what is important in your life. Take only what you need. Nobody cares if your car is 10 years old.

EAT LESS! Since food is something that we cannot go without, can I suggest you make a conscious effort to reduce your intake by 10%. When you order a coffee at the shop ask for a small size. Your body is your temple. Think about what ingredients are in the food that you are eating. Simple foods are cheaper and are better for you. Don’t buy junk food in your weekly grocery shop. It is more of a treat if its not always in the house. Don’t smoke and keep drinking alcohol for social occasions.

REDUCE YOUR WASTE! Repurpose things where ever you can. Clothes that are no longer suitable for wearing outside may make perfect pyjamas. A bowl that you have no use for in the kitchen may make a great jewellery holder. When preparing meals, scan the fridge and cupboards for things that need to be used up first and actually use them. Take shorter showers. Don’t cook more food that you will use unless you plan on freezing it. If something that you no longer need is not sellable, advertise it for free. Try and fix things before replacing them. Give things away, don’t toss them out. Share with your neighbours and friends.

STRESS LESS! Take at least 30 minutes a day to do something that you enjoy, that is good for you. Go for a walk, spend time in the garden, read a book, lay on the grass in the sun and breathe the clean air, play with your children or meditate. If you consume less you will find that you have more money and paying bills won’t be so stressful.


I'd love to hear your thoughts...... :)

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