Cleaner living

Many people are changing their habits and turning towards environmentally friendly alternatives. Green living is becoming a trend that people aspire to. These are some simple changes that you can make to your lifestyle and they are easy to do. Some of them are not only good for the environment, they are good for your hip pocket too.

Live simpler pdf

  1. Don’t use disposables where ever possible.
  2. Drink from a re-usable drink bottle.
  3. Order your coffee in a mug.
  4. Don’t buy single use cleaning wipes.
  5. Read electronic books instead of a paper back.
  6. Borrow your books from the library.
  7. Grow a herb garden.
  8. Use your washing line not your dryer.
  9. Eat less processed food.
  10. Replace old light globes with energy efficient globes.
  11. Reduce the number of hours that your pool pump runs in the winter.
  12. Don’t use your air conditioner unless temperatures are extreme.
  13. Only use the washing machine and dishwasher if you have a full load.
  14. Grow your own veggies.
  15. Include fruit trees in your ornamental garden.
  16. Recycle packaging.
  17. Keep chickens for eggs.
  18. Compost your scraps.
  19. Use recyclable shopping bags.
  20. Buy fresh food from a local wholesaler or markets to minimise packing.
  21. Donate unwanted goods to charity.
  22. Buy second hand.
  23. Don’t throw still working items away, give them away.
  24. Don’t print photos unless you are going to use them.
  25. Bigger is not better, it uses more resources and is worse for the environment.
  26. Turn lights off when you leave a room.
  27. Turn on-standby devices off at the wall.
  28. Invest in solar panels.
  29. Bake home goods.
  30. Drink water not sugary drinks.
  31. Use containers instead of cling wrap or sandwich bags.
  32. Welcome hand-me downs.
  33. Drive a lower cylinder car or green car.
  34. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier to make the most of daylight.
  35. Eat less meat.

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