The many uses of sorbolene cream

Sorbolene cream is a moisturising cream that acts as a barrier to the skin. After suffering many years with dermatitis, I found Sorbolene cream to have many more uses than merely a body lotion. It is especially good for repairing dry and damaged skin and was recommended to me by my dermatologist. I have gradually replaced many of my beauty products with it and have saved hundreds of dollars, since Sorbolene cream is so much cheaper in comparison.

The many uses of sorbolene cream:

  1. Shaving cream- I smooth it over my legs and fill a sink with hot water to rinse the razor.
  2. Body and face wash- keep it in the shower and use it in lieu of soap. I’v had so many reactions to face wash and soap that I gave up years ago and switched to sorbolene cream.
  3.  Night-time face lotion. I wouldn’t recommend using it as a day cream. It will give you ‘shiny face’ plus it is better to use a day cream with an SPF. I use a tinted moisturiser during the day with SPF. It’s thick formula makes it a great night time cream.
  4. Body Butter- If you lather it over your body and face before going to bed you will wake up feeling like your whole body has had an all over deep moisturiser.
  5. Foot balm- smother your heels in it and put on a pair of socks before going to bed. Do this for a couple of nights and it will help rid you of those yucky dry heals.
  6.  Hair frizz tamer. I’v used sorbolene cream to smooth down fly-aways and as a hair moisturiser. My hair is so frizzy that a-la-natural is not an option for me. I have also gotten itchy scalp from repeated use of commercial hair products. I’v brushed this cream through semi-dry hair before pulling it into a pony tail and it minimises the frizz. I’m not denying there are some great products out there for your hair but some of us don’t have that option.
  7. Make up remover- smooth if over your face and  neck and them wipe it off with a wet warm face washer or tissues. It is the best eye make up remover that I have ever used!
  8.  After- sun cream. Sorbolene cream feels wonderful after a day in the sun.
  9.  I have not tried this but have heard that you can use Sorobolene cream as conditioner.

I would use with caution on already oily skin or acne prone skin. I didn’t use this cream on my face until I was in my 30s and finally stopped getting pimples on my face. You can buy sorbolene cream cheaply at Supermarkets and Chemists. I find pump packs to be the most convenient. Kenkay makes some great products for people with super sensitive skin that is prone to dermatitis and eczema. I have also used Redwins with no adverse affects.

Please be mindful that this information is based on my own experiences. I have very sensitive skin and am aware that everybody’s skin is different.


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  1. My mum has been buying this stuff. I wanted to switch back to Nivea but after this article I’m going to give it a wholehearted try. It was wonder for moisturing my hands, encouraging nail growth and make up remover. But I’m going to test a lot of the things you mentioned. Thank you xx


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