Remove ink and mildew stains from clothes with eucalyptus

It was lucky my daughter was not home when I found this ink stain on her school dress. Once again she had left a pen in her pocket which had snapped inside the washing machine.

from sandys ph dec 15 136

I’v thrown out clothes like this before but my new frugal self had me googling for ideas.


First I tried rubbing alcohol on the ink stain which basically just stained my white sink pink. The only rubbing alcohol that I had in the house was hand sanitiser…It doesn’t work.

Next I added a bit of water to some nappy san and applied a paste to the stain, I  soaked this in a bucket of water and nappy san. After a couple of hours I put the dress through a regular washing machine cycle and it didn’t look any different.

So I added some Bosisto’s Eucalyptus dust mite wash directly to the stain.  

I just poured it straight on. I already had high hopes of this working because I could see the stain had started to lighten and run around the edges.

I let it soak into the material for half an hour and then threw the dress back into the bucket of nappy san for another hour before putting the dress through a regular wash cycle.

And this is the result…

from sandys ph dec 15 160

I’v used this same method to get a large mildew stain off the underside of a high chair cover and it had the same great result.  And the eucalyptus smells delicious!




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