How I laid my Gerflor vinyl floor tiles- vinly floor with a wooden appearance but quiet underfoot

I’v had some nice feedback and a lot of traffic on my  post about Gerflor floor planks. I love them!




I recently had a real estate agent value our house and he was so impressed with the floor he felt that it was an excellent investment and added a great deal of value to our property. He actually thought they were floating floorboards. I didn’t tell him they were vinyl 😉

I mentioned elsewhere that I had planned to rip up the carpet in our lounge room and lay more of these planks and have taken step by step photos..




When ripping up the carpet once again I found that I had to patch the chunks that were taken out of the concrete slab where I pulled up those spikey strips that secured the previous carpet. This time I used “Polyfilla: trim and doors” to patch the holes in the concrete slab. Its the same sort of paste filler that you use to patch holes in walls but this one says it can be used on concrete on the label. Once dry, sand it smooth like you would a wall and brush away or vacuum up the dust. Because these planks are only 2mm thick you want your surface to be nice and even.


Mix a ratio of 1part Bondcrete and 4 parts water in a bucket and paint it onto the slab with a roller on an extension pole. I left it to dry for a couple of hours and painted a second coat and left this to dry for 12 hours. I found the thicker I slapped this stuff on, the stickier the floor was for the planks (which is a good thing). You want to get your planks down while the floor feels tacky.


Peel and stick your tiles. Make sure you stagger the tiles- start the next row 1/3 down from the one before. To cut the planks, use the method below.


Butt one plank up to the edge. Lay a second plank over the top and line it up with the last plank that you stuck down. Hold it firm while you cut along the edge.


The vinyl planks snap very easily if you have a nice sharp Stanley knife blade.

Make sure your stanly knife is sharp or you will end up with uneven edges like this (fail!!)


You will need about 24 hours to prepare the floor with the bondcrete. It took three hours to lay planks in this one room which is about 4m X3.5m.

Each box of Gerflor vinyl planks at Bunnings was $65 per box (December 2015). I’m guessing this stuff is getting popular because six months ago when we put this in our living room, dining room, kitchen and through to the front door, it was $55 per box.

I had 14 square metres to cover. Each box will cover 2.2m.

The total price for this room was approx. $420.






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