Dulux Paintable Wallpaper review

About 12 months ago I decided to get rid of two rusty coloured feature walls in  my home. They didn’t complement my grey vinyl floor boards very well.

The feature walls had a sandy-like texture and I’d never removed this sort of paint before. Google told me to sand the feature walls back using a circular sander so that’s what I did. I was a little paranoid that I may not have done the best job, since I’d never used a circular sander or sanded back a textured feature wall before.

While looking at paint colours at Bunnings, I came across this Dulux paintable wallpaper “Superfresco Easy” range . The wallpaper marketed itself as being great for walls that had imperfections. There was a variety to choose from- I went for a subtle linen type texture. I think if I was going to go to the effort to wallpaper a feature wall again, I would use a more striking affect. This linen texture is noticeable only when the sun bounces off it or if you are within a few metres of the wall.

Dulux paintable wallpaper


Pasting the wallet paper to the wall was easy. I painted the wall paper glue onto the wall, stuck the paper to the wall starting from the top, and trimmed it from the roll at the bottom. There is no need to pre-cut the strips of paper- you unroll it, glue it and trim as you go.

The hardest part when putting the wall paper up was when I found was when I got to the corner and needed to continue on to the adjacent wall.

My walls are obviously not exactly straight (and apparently this is normal) because my first wall was so easy. But once I got to the corner and wrapped it around and onto my second wall, all of a sudden my strips started to go on a very slight angle which meant I had to start trimming the paper at the top as well as the bottom.

Once the paper was up I thought the white feature walls were a refreshing change so I left them like that for about 12 months… until my 2 year old decided to draw on the wall and I learnt an important lesson:

If your child draws on wallpaper with a pen it does not come off.

So of course it was time to paint. Painting the wall paper was very easy to do. The paint went on nicely. You know how you can get that funny patchy look if you don’t roll your paint all the way from the top of the wall to the bottom? Well that doesn’t happen with this paper. In fact there were no imperfections in the finish at all.

When applying the second coat of paint I was worried that the paint  was going to fill in the textured pattern but as it dried, the paper seemed to suck the paint into the paper.

I did however find that since putting up the wallpaper, the paper had lifted in some places and needed to be glued back down.

I was sure that I had used enough glue when putting the paper up but have found that I have had to re-glue a couple of edges twice in the past 12 months.

This is easy to do if you keep some of the left over glue. My reserved glue looks a little runnier after 12 months but still works. If you don’t reglue these edges before painting, it can make it difficult when cutting in around the edges of the wall.

The paper does market itself as ‘easy to remove’ when you want to take it off so I guess this is why the edges have lifted? I guess this glue is not as adhesive as wall paper paints have been in the past. It only takes a minute to re-glue any bits that have lifted and it is a comfort to know that when I remove it in a couple of years it will be easy to do.

So this is my finished product and I’m pretty pleased with my effort:

The colour of this feature wall is Beige Ash in the Taubmans paint range.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...... :)

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