I’ve found that I have a disliking for people who keep up with the Jones’. I think we all have one of those friends who seem to make big purchases regardless of whether they can afford the expense, mostly because of envy.

I often find those who like to keep up with the Jones’ are the same people who place more importance on owning things, rather than experiencing things. They’re also the first to point out any inadequacies in your life.

I especially dislike people who think they are better than others because of what they own or the money they earn.

It’s a refreshing change when you are around people who are content with what they have- they seem happier.

Recently I had a friend make an unexpected visit to my house. She is the type of person who I’ve found can be quite judgmental towards the way that other people parent and the things that they say and do.

She took it upon herself to point out some things that needed to be done around my house- a retaining wall needed to be high pressure hosed, a hedge needed to be clipped back, a chair leg was wobbling and needed to be tightened, my stove top canopy was crooked… and it went on. I’m not sure whether she was doing this to be malicious or just making casual conversation since the comments were smoothly slipped into our general conversation. And don’t get me wrong, I find I can generally talk to her about anything. But this particular occasion made me feel quite inadequate by the time she had left.

I found myself feeling that what I had and what I owned were not good enough. We like to do a lot of DIY around the house to save money and for a bit of life experience. We also don’t mind owning second-hand items. We don’t generally replace things around the house unless they break. My car is 12 years old! But by no means am I poor.

Having negative people in your life is not good for your health or your self-worth. If you want to be a happier person and promote thankfulness and appreciation, put the most effort into spending time with people who make you feel good about yourself.

These are people in your life who don’t spend the majority of the time criticising you and other people around you, that are supportive when you need them to be, but who aren’t afraid to tell you nicely when they think that you are steering too far off your path of success and happiness. They don’t come to your house and analyse your cleanliness or the things that you own.



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