Create smarter spending and living habits without appearing like a tight arse. My family of 5 live on an average family income on the Eastern coast of Australia. My children are aged between Toddler and Teenager. I learnt a long time ago that in order to afford overseas holidays, fashion, social activities and technological gadgets that are somewhat an essential part of today’s living, I needed to make some sacrifices and start making smarter spending and lifestyle choices.  I’m not suggesting you become a complete tight-arse. I’m suggesting that there are ways to make your money stretch further. Buy second hand where you can, borrow where you can and stop buying things that you don’t need. You will start finding that you have money in your bank account for other things.
I’m happy for you to share or use my pictures and photos if they are linked back to my site. The information on this site are my opinions and I am not paid to write them.


I'd love to hear your thoughts...... :)

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be smart, be frugal, not cheap

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