Moroccan Cous cous

This Moroccan cous cous is so cheap and easy and packed with healthy vegetables. I make this for BBQs or to have for dinner with steak and salad.   Spray a baking tray with oil & bake the following ingredients for 15 minutes at 180c: 1 red onion sliced into wedges 2 cloves of garlic 1tsp ground cumin... Continue Reading →


Things to make vs buying to save money

It's no secret that when you make things from scratch that you are saving yourself a tonne of calories because you're in control. When is the last time that you checked the ingredients list on the things you are buying from the shop. But more significantly, you could save yourself a tonne of cash. We... Continue Reading →

Plant a garden that nourishes your family

Vege gardens don't need to be formal areas set aside and looking ugly. Use the gardens, pots or containers that you already have.

Home made Greek yoghurt and DIY yoghurt pouches

My one year old child will not drink milk, she will only drink or eat yoghurt. My 10 year old daughter wont eat sandwiches for school but will eat yoghurt. The convenience of the yoghurt pouch rather than the tub means that I don't have to spoon feed the baby and the 10 year old doesn't... Continue Reading →

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Fabulous Blogging

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be smart, be frugal, not cheap

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