Style a teenage boy’s room

A teenage boy's room masculine-ified.


Awesome gifts for men and teenage boys who are hard to buy for

Teenage boys and men are the hardest to buy for (sigh!). I like to give gifts that are fun, a little different and one that hopefully the recipient will love. Iv found some great online gifts that you can send to your family and friends in Australia.

The many uses of sorbolene cream

Sorbolene cream is a moisturising cream that acts as a barrier to the skin. After suffering many years with dermatitis, I found Sorbolene cream to have many more uses than merely a body lotion. It is especially good for repairing dry and damaged skin and was recommended to me by my dermatologist. I have gradually... Continue Reading →

DIY photo shoot for babies and little children

We all want great photos of our kids but many professional photo shoots can cost up to hundreds of dollars. Personally, I have found the difference between my DSLR camera and a handheld camera is the speed of the shutter. A hand held camera will often miss the shot because the shutter is a fraction too slow.... Continue Reading →

Extremely cool gift ideas for a teenage boy (or girl;)

Finding gifts for teenage boys can be the hardest task on the planet. Even harder if you don't have teenagers yourself. Here's a list of things that Iv gifted before: A decent pair of headphones to listen to music. Wireless headphones that can connect to audio devices via blue tooth are even better. The smaller buds... Continue Reading →

Survive having a baby financially

My older children were 9 and 13 years old when my third child was born. The only baby related item still left in my house was a nappy bucket. When I had child #1, I had no idea what I was doing or what I needed and I think people recognised this and gave me a lot of... Continue Reading →

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