It's refreshing to be around people who are content with what they have. I've come to realise that I have a disliking for people who have a tendency to 'keep up with the Jone's'. People who are constantly envious of other people....

Dulux Paintable Wallpaper review

About 12 months ago I decided to get rid of two rusty coloured feature walls in  my home. They didn't complement my grey vinyl floor boards very well. The feature walls had a sandy-like texture and I'd never removed this sort of paint before. Google told me to sand the feature walls back using a circular sander so... Continue Reading →

Being frugal is better for you pocket, the environment and your wellbeing. Here’s how…

Being frugal, environmentally aware and health conscious all tend to come hand in hand. Here are some things that I have done or do, or intend to incorporate into my lifestyle...

Green living is becoming a trend that people aspire to. These are some simple changes that you can make to your lifestyle and they are easy to do. Some of them are not only good for the environment, they are good for your hip pocket too.

Home made Greek yoghurt and DIY yoghurt pouches

My one year old child will not drink milk, she will only drink or eat yoghurt. My 10 year old daughter wont eat sandwiches for school but will eat yoghurt. The convenience of the yoghurt pouch rather than the tub means that I don't have to spoon feed the baby and the 10 year old doesn't... Continue Reading →

Buy less / eat less / waste less / stress less

We are encouraged to consume and to be gluttons of food and stuff. I dont' want to be that sort of person. This is my choice. Stop consuming, eat less, reduce your waste, stress less.

There is ‘frugal’ and then there is ‘irresponsible’

Don't let pet vaccinations and preventative medication lag in your journey to being frugal.

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be smart, be frugal, not cheap

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